• Infrastructure

  • Available Facilities
    • State of art own Building
    • Separate Hostel for Boys and girls
    • 100% Placement in India & Abroad
    • Well Equipped Laboratories / Library
    • Well Equipped Library
    • Well Equipped Computer Lab
    • Personal Attention on personality & communication skill
    • Reasonable Fee
    • Special Training on Foreign language
    • No Donation and No Entrance Exam
    • State Govt. Scholarship
    • Qualified and Experienced Faculty

    • Details of Procedure and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Physical, Academic and Support Facilities :

      Institutional mechanisms for maintenance and up gradation of the physical infrastructure, academic and sport facilities, and equipment’s are as under:

      Every department maintains stock registers for keeping the list of equipment and other instrument used in laboratory. Maintains consumption register regularly to keep account of the used material miscellaneous items etc. Physical verification of laboratory equipment and machines is carried out to record the functional equipment from time to time.

      • In house housekeeping personnel to take care of upkeep of the Institute premises.
      • Maintenance of the gardens & lawn is done on contract basis.
      • Periodic maintenance is available for major equipment like furniture and fixtures, water purification, gas range servicing, refrigeration, oven, pest control, portable fire extinguisher etc.
      • Maintenance of Library: Accession and dead stock registers are regularly maintained to keep the record of updated and dead stock accessions.
      • Sports Equipment: The sports department regularly maintains the stock register for the equipment and materials related to the sports. The dead stock register is also maintained to keep record of functional/ working and non-functional items.
      • The institute website is developed and regularly maintained by software professionals.