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Getting admission in the Institute for my ward is a matter of pride for me.

The admission process in the Institute is fair and accurate.

My ward is improving his knowledge base through interaction with faculty of the Institute.

The discipline in the Institute is good.

The atmosphere in the Institute is conducive for learning.

There is a positive change in the behavior of my ward after joining the Institute.

I have great respect to the Institute.

SPPU is one of the best University.

The University information is accessible to all.

Institute website is very informative and regularly updated.

The curriculum of the course is well designed and promotes learning experience of the students.

Employability is given focus in the curriculum design.

The curriculum incorporates recent changes in the area.

Examination results are declared timely.

The Institute Employees are co-operative.

Is the students update up to date (attendance, Performance, behavior) to you.

Institute staff are good and available when needed.

The changes introduced in the Institute in recent years are progressive.
Suggestions for further improvement :